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Matterhorn with US flag Gerry Hofstetter

Swiss National Day Celebration

Sunday August 4th 2024

Brattleboro Living Memorial Park, Kiwanis Shelter

Spring meeting Waitsfield

SA May 11th 2024
12:00 - 16:00
171 Elkhorn Road,
Waitsfield VT 05673

Other events

To be announced later

Every so often we enjoy a hike,

a day of skiing or....?


The Swiss Club of Vermont a loose association of Swiss citizen and friends or relatives of Swiss people.

We regularly meet in Spring for our spring gathering in Waitsfield and to celebrate the Swiss natl. holiday of August first in Wilmington.

We may meet for hikes, skiing or other recreational activities during the year.

Membership is free, we charge a fee that covers the expenses at our gatherings.


Maggie was born in Thurgau (Switzerland) and has been in the US since 1985. She made Vermont her home for ​the last 17 years.

Maggie McGlynn (Rechberger)

Vice President

Willy was born in Switzerland, in the Bernese part of the Jura region. He lives in Southern Vermont since 1970

Willy Buhlmann

Vice President

Pierre Cattin

Finance Chair

John is an enthusiastic skier and tennis player and has visited Switzerland many times. He is married to Maggie and lives in Waterbury, VT

John McGlynn


Alice was born in Brooklyn (USA) and met her husband Rudi (our famous Swiss pastry baker) on a skiing trip to Mt. Snow 53 years ago. She spends now the winter months in Florida.

Alice Veraguth

Membership Chair

Dan grew up in Wetzikon (Switzerland) in the foothills of the Alps. His job, mechanical engineer, brought him to many countries, including the US. On one of his trips, he met his future wife and decided to give it a go in this country. For the last 19 years, he has made his home in Johnson, VT. He likes to tinker with old cars, motorcycles, cameras and anything mechanical that whirrs or pops.

Daniel Lenel

Web Designer

Oliver Lenel is a web designer and software engineer working out of Vermont ... and he is also Swiss!

Oliver Lenel

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